Sidney has recently been missing work.  She tends to call in at the last minute, and there seems to be a pattern developing of Mondays and Fridays.  Sidney has been in

rehabilitation in the past for alcohol abuse.  You need to talk to Sidney.

5. Conduct research to locate articles and/or court cases about your scenario/identified HRM concepts (multiple articles and court cases are encouraged!).  The article must be from a business journal (i.e., BusinessWeek, Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Forbes) or a Human Resources journal (SHRM/HR Magazine).  Summarize the findings from all articles/court cases and explain how they will be helpful.

6.    Conduct research to locate a sample company policy.  The policy can be from your organization, or one of someone you know.  If necessary, block any corporate identity.  Evaluate this policy – does it help or hinder your attempt at resolving your scenario?