Examine ERP implementation case studies from leading ERP vendors, identify key
use cases such as the following, and for each use case evaluate the challenges,
successes, and trends associated with deriving business value from an ERP
o Improve customer experiences
o Enhance employee engagement
o Innovate business processes
o Optimise business process services
o Advance operations and productivity
o Realise digital transformation
o Empower the workforce with insight
o Manage complex, large-scale projects
o Transform finance and operations
Your essay should be a synthesis of ideas researched from a variety of sources and
expressed in your own words. It should be written in clear English and be submitted at
the end of week 7 in electronic format as either a Word document or a pdf file. This
electronic file will be checked using Turnitin for any evidence of plagiarism. You are
expected to use references in the normal Harvard referencing style.