Topic: In this paper you are to analyze the process by which Conley learned the dynamics of race and class through social institutions such as family and school. What are the social practices and discourses associated with those institutions that framed race and class identity for Conley? How did these institutional processes and the cultural knowledge they conveyed shape Conley’s understandings of race and class? How did those institutions shape Conley’s identity and social status? Be sure to support your assertions with evidence from the book (examples and quotations).

Analysis. To address this question adequately, you will need to spend some time on analysis and organization before you begin to write. You will need to identify the structures, institutions, and practices you will focus on; examine the part each played throughout the book; and relate them to Conley’s adult life.

Format: Typed, double-spaced, in minimum 12-pitch font, 4-7 pages.