The usefulness of reporting comprehensive income has been the subject of research in


various countries. A number of research papers explore various aspects of reporting

comprehensive income, including measurement, level of aggregation and the location of

reported components.


(a) Explain briefly what Bamber, Jiang, Petroni and Wang find, for their sample of US

companies, in their research paper entitled ‘Comprehensive Income: Who’s Afraid of

Performance Reporting?’ Would the evidence provided by Bamber et al. be relevant

to Australian listed companies? Give reasons.

(b) Explain briefly what Goncharov and Hodgson find in their review of measuring and

reporting income in 16 European countries.

(c) Explain briefly what Kanagaretnam, Mathieu and Shehata find in their investigation of

the usefulness of comprehensive income reporting in Canada.

(d) Explain briefly what Hodgson and Russell find in their investigation of comprehensive


(e) Based on your analysis in parts (a) to (d), prepare a letter to the AASB on the implications

of the research evidence relating to comprehensive income for the reporting

requirements of AASB 101. Justify your decision, including any caveats you may have.

(Note: Full references for each of these articles can be found in the selected references list.)