1. a) What is multiculturalism?(2.5mks)
b) Explain any five common characteristics of African cultures and show how you will use them in a multicultural context.(15mks)

2. With the aid of vivid examples, Discuss any six perspectives of multiculturalism.(15mks)

3. Explain how you would use psychological principles in a multicultural setting to deal with cultural diversity.(17.5mks)

4. Describe any six therapists” skills you would use to help diverse clients, problems and challenges in diverse cultures.(17.5mks)

5. Citing relevant examples, explain five basic assumptions of a theory of multicultural counseling and therapy.(15mks)

6. Identify and discuss six issues in transcultural psychology giving relevant examples from different cultures.(17.5mks)

7. Discuss the cultural models in multiculturalism. (17.5mks)




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