For this Project you will be able to explore energy portfolios developed from different

perspectives. For this project you will need to:

1. Read the article called “Power from Perspective: Potential future United States

Energy Portfolios” by Tonn

2. Access the energy flow diagram for 2018 from the EIA

3. Choose one of the seven energy perspectives’ energy portfolios and compare the

one that you feel is most reasonable to the energy flow diagram for 2018. The

chosen scenario is the one that you feel better represents the 2018 energy flow.

4. Explain in an essay type document why you believe your chosen scenario is the

most likely.


1. Must be submitted as a Word document, APA style, and 3 – 4 pages.

2. Must include a title, introduction, discussion of the subject matter, and conclusion.

3. Research to support your answer. Use at least 2 separate references, from

textbooks, or articles from journals or -oriented magazines, or a web site.

4. References should be listed in detail. All direct quotes must be indicated.