The purpose of unit assignments is to broaden your comprehension of the unit material. The unit assignments provide an opportunity for you to explore areas that might benefit your own organization or studies and also help you broaden your exposure to the different elements of training and development.

Unit Learning Outcomes

  • ULO 7.1 Explain job rotation, coaching, and mentoring and how these help with development.
  • ULO 7.4 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.


Review Case Study – Market Research Inc. (Chapter 13). in your text. Conduct scholarly research to answer the assigned questions (note. you do not need to answer the Flashback Questions). Formulate a 2-3-page response in an APA (7th ed.) formatted report. Review the grading rubric for expectations. 

Rubic Grading

35 to >29 pts


Addresses specifics of assignment demonstrating critical thinking abilities by synthesizing research. A minimum of 4 scholarly outside sources used.

10 to >8 pts


All aspects of APA formatting followed.

5 to >4 pts


Professional 3rd person perspective used with no spelling/grammar errors.