Please select 5 questions to answer out of the 10 Provided.  Please submit a word file with your answers.  .

  1. Explain what Information Security is?

2. Explain the security triad?

3. Identify and explain/describe 3 common threats?

4. Explain each of the 7 layers of the OSI Model?

5. Explain the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption?

6. Explain how a firewall blocks/allows traffic?

7. Explain the 4 processes of access control?

· Identification

· Authentication

· Authorization

· Accountability

8. Explain the 3 principles of access control?

· Least Privileges

· Need to know

· Separation of duties

9. Explain the 4 ways to authenticate a user and supply an example of each?

· Something you know (One factor)

· Something you have (Two factor)

· Something you are (Three factor)

· Where you are (Four factor)

10. Explain the differences between an IDS and an IPS?