explain the historical significance of the terms listed under your chosen topic in your essay answer

HISTORY DEFINITION LIST ESSAY /  Each essay topic in this section has terms

or phrases listed underneath it. In writing this essay, you will only be required to

explain the historical significance of the terms listed under your chosen topic in

your essay answer. You MAY NOT mix terms between topics. Your essay will depend.

not just on your ability to correctly define each term or phrase, but also on your

explanation of how they relate to each other. Your essay should be just that…an

ESSAY…not a series of disconnected definitions. Use either the one- or three-paragraph.

format for this section. [ ONE AND HALF PAGE FOR EACH TOPIC]



– Bacon’s Rebellion

– Indentured Servants

– Jamestown

– King Philip’s War

– Praying Towns


– Bicameral

– George III

– Parliament

– Pennsylvania

– Royal Charter


– Enlightenment

– George Whitefield

– Great Awakening

– Itinerant Ministers

– Old Lights vs. New Lights

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