1. a) Using relevant examples, discuss any five uses of psychological tests that can be of importance to a counselor.
b) Differentiate between the following terms
i) Psychological test and psychological assessment
ii) Judgement and objective approaches in psychological assessment.

2. Discuss the Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory clinical scales and explain why it is necessary to assess an individual”s personality.

3.A developed a test that she claims can be used to identify pupils with reading disability. What must she do to ensure the test is both valid and reliable.

4. a) Discuss any five verbal scales and five performance scales of Weschler”s adults intelligence scales.
b) Explain any two uses of Stanford Binet test results.

5. a) Explain the meaning and importance of culture fair intelligence tests.
b) Explain three major factors a school psychologist should consider when administering a group intelligence test to students.
c) Identify and explain three rights of test takers.
d) Explain why individuals and group intelligent tests are administered.

6. a) Giving examples, describe the projective personality test and structured personality test.
b) Discuss five measurement techniques used in assessing personality.

7. a) Citing relevant examples describe the following terms and give the uses for each:
i) Nominal scale
ii) Ordinal scale
iii) Ratio scale
iv) Interval scale
b) Explain the following terms:
i) Item discrimination
ii) Item difficulty
c) Given that 32 out of 40 get an item right, compute item difficulty





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