For five years, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, housing Europe’s largest faculty of textile and clothing technology, has provided case-related leadership training in international bachelor’s and master’s degree courses. Textile, clothing and related industries are known as very traditional; however industry leaders in Europe face a variety of cultural and motivational challenges in fast changing international markets. During their course work, textile management students are introduced to various leadership scenarios, such as moving to a supervisory role, giving feedback to an underperforming employee or dealing with instances of sexual harassment in the office. In small groups of 4 to 5, students review theories exploring and playing different roles in the situation. Eventually they give a simulated performance of the situation to an audience of industrial and governmental leaders. In response to the simulations, Diploma-Engineer M Kleindrop, who is also the CEO of Memminger-IRO GmbH, stated, “ testing out your own image send a message to the people around you, but even more it gives you the possibility to read the reflection”

a) Which leadership traits and which interactions can be evaluated by the trainees in the situation of “Job Simulations”?


b) Explain trust in leadership and the consequences of the leadership training on future job behavior.