In this assessment you are required to explore the given case study and provide a solution, employing the latest wireless communication techniques. The
solution needs to be presented in a report and a short video presentation discussing findings and the proposed solution. The assessment will help in
developing an understanding of communication in wireless networks and the limitations and challenges.
Case Study: Home office
Under doctor’s orders for more bed rest, Jan received authorization from her employer to work from home during and immediately after her pregnancy.
However, to do her job effectively, she routinely needs to retrieve large files from the corporate local area network (LAN), modify them, and return them to
another location on the LAN. She also occasionally likes to print something for convenience or record keeping, and she needs convenient access to a telephone.
Jan has received instructions from her company’s Information Technology (IT) staff regarding how to connect to the corporate LAN.
Jan currently has broadband access to her home. However, the only access is to a PC in a family room in the home’s finished basement. Jan’s family uses this
PC for Internet access, online gaming, and as a resource for school projects. The PC is connected to a colour printer. Jan wants to create a home office in an
unused upstairs bedroom. During the later stages of her pregnancy, she wants the convenience of working from more comfortable locations, such as her
couch or bed. She already has a cordless phone and is planning to purchase a laptop PC and perhaps a second printer. However, a quick call to her broadband
provider has caused her to question the financial feasibility of running new wiring for broadband access in other locations of her home. Perplexed with her
problem, Jan talks to some of her co-workers, and one of them mentions wireless. Jan does a little investigation of the wireless LAN products available and
decides many of the products are within her budget.