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The Final Assessment Project will be a complete assessment on a person/character. This pulls together your previous assignments (Screening/Assessment Essay and Treatment Plan) into a full report. You may choose a character from a book, a movie, or a real life person (USE A PSEUDONYM PLEASE) to complete a full alcohol and drug assessment on and write a report (with diagnosis and treatment plan). This person can be someone you know, someone you met at a meeting and is willing to participate, or a fictional character with alcohol or drug problems from a book or movie. The only criterion is that the person/character you choose must have a history of a Substance Use Disorder and your treatment plan must be applicable for the time of use. Even if the individual has been sober for some time, your treatment plan will address the treatment needed during the time of active use.

Make sure to include any pertinent information in the case history so the treatment plan is clearly justified. Also consider relapse issues while designing the treatment plan. In contrast to your Case Study for SUBS 505, this must include much more detail about assessment and more thorough treatment plan recommendations. If you are utilizing a character from a book or movie, you may create the relevant details that would fulfil the assignment requirements (for example: CAGE results). You may not write this assessment project on the same person as your Case Study for SUBS 505 (or any other course).

Element Criteria Points
Possible Points Earned Instructor’s Comments
Content  Most relevant psychosocial history reported to justify diagnosis/diagnoses
 History is clear and thorough/well established argument for treatment plan
 Clear identification of diagnosis/diagnoses with supporting criteria, using DSM-5
 Treatment Plan: Clearly address current functioning, mental health, substance use with thorough recommendations.
 Relevant details identified from course materials
 Clearly consideration of relapse
 Understanding of SUD’s and treatment is evident
 Other: 96
APA Format  Title Page in current APA format with running head in correct APA style
 Font, level headings, margins are in correct APA Style
 Citations properly used in all needed places and match reference list
 If quotations are include, all APA requirements are met, not used unnecessarily/excessively.
 Plagiarism free*
 Reference Page is in current APA format
 Other:
* Higher deduction and other consequences might be applied for plagiarism. 30
Grammar/Writing  Sentences: coherent, varied, complete, clear, and concise wording
 Punctuation including proper use of comma, period, semicolon, etc.
 Spelling and vocabulary: exemplifies profession writing, precise, unambiguous, appropriate
 Grammar: proper and consistent use of verb tense, noun-pronoun agreement,
 Paragraph: clear and contains one major idea
 Other: 24
Total 150

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