You want to get to know a new student, José, and find out why he is not doing well in science. When you ask him what he likes about science class, he replies that he enjoys working on the experiments but not writing the lab reports. You then ask why he likes the experiments but not completing the reports. José explains that he likes working with a partner during the experiment. You need to ask some probing questions to determine why José does not like doing the reports. Does he have a problem with writing? Does he understand the reporting process? Does he feel that he does not have enough time to finish the report? After several more investigative questions, you learn that José has no friends; he does most of his home and school activities alone. He looks forward to science class because he can interact with another boy, but he resents having to return to his desk to write the lab report on his own. Therefore, his report-writing efforts are minimal, resulting in a low grade in science. Armed with this new information, how would you proceed?