Grader – Instructions Excel 2019 Project

Chapter 1 Running Case Portfolio


Project Description:

New Castle County Technical Services (NCCTS) provides technical support for companies in the greater New Castle County, Delaware, area. You downloaded a dataset from the company database that contains a list of call cases closed during March. You want to calculate the number of days between the start and end dates and the amount owed per transaction. Then you will format the worksheet


Steps to Perform:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Open e01r1NCCTS and save it as e01r1NCCTS_LastFirst 0
2 Insert a row above the first row and do the following: •Type Billing Hours and Amounts in cell A1. •Apply the Orange, Accent2 cell style. •Merge and center the title in the range A1:K1. •Bold the title and change the font size to 16 pt 12
3 Select the range A2:K2, apply the 40% – Accent2 cell style, bold, and merge and center. 9
4 Find Virus Detection and replace it with Virus Removal throughout the worksheet 6
5 Apply these formats to the range A4:K4: bold, wrap text, center horizontally, and Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 60% fill color. 8
6 Hide columns C and D that contain the RepID and CallTypeID 8
7 Create and copy the following formulas: •Cell J5: Calculate the number of days each case was opened by subtracting the Opened Date from the Closed Date. Copy the formula to the range J6:J36. •Cell K5: Calculate the amount billed for each transaction by multiplying the Rate by the Hours Logged. Copy the formula to the range K6:K36 12
8 Apply these number formats: •Apply the Accounting Number Format with zero decimal places to the range F5:F36. •Apply Accounting Number Format to the range K5:K36. •Apply Comma Style to the range G5:G36 10
9 Set a width of 28 for column E 6
10 Cut the range G4:G36 (Hours Logged), right-click cell K4, and then select Insert Cut Cells 8
11 Rename the sheet tab as March Hours. Change the sheet tab color to Orange, Accent 2 8
12 Set 0.4″ left and right margins and center the worksheet data horizontally on the page. Set 90% scaling 8
13 Insert a footer with your name on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side 5
14 Save and close the file. Exit Excel. Submit this file as you would a grader e01r1NCCTS_LastFirst 0
Total Points 100


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