In the 21st century there are so many developments in terms of the technology in the security and guns sector. When the technology advances you can not fail to talk about the regestration of vital weapons eg firearms, that are used to everyday to keep people safe and protect them. one of the ways to make sure that those equipments are in safe hand is the registration of the firearms at the time of the manufacture.


            The firearm fingerprint is used to provide all the needed data in order to construct  a very broad and completely coverage of the large proportion of individual people in use of the firearms in the society. There are firearms that are produced by some companies in the United State of America that are used by the governemnt or the non governmental security or other security firms. Ethically, death i caused by the guns sometimes. This sometimes may happen many times. This is basically what is conted as a profit to the producers of these weapons. When a private customer purchases a firearms with the fingerprinting, it registers the customers fingerprints in the government datebase or the company’s systems. However, If the customer uses the firearms to do some illegal activities and end up hurting people or other living things the damage cannot be reversed. This is a problem that can cause several deaths and huge damage to to the general society. Then who is it to be blamed ? The government ? The society or the company that made it. Unfortunately the governments still allows this companies to keep producing the weapons at innocent people’s expense (Andrew, 2002). The real ethic question come when they are asked why they keep allowing the company to still keep producing those weapons. In any case, the private security firms thta mostly use of firearm fingerprinting on those weapons should be able to highly respect the human rights and enable the law to work fluently by providing the freedom that is allowed by the government on various grounds in every state. Society should also keep safe in everything.

            With  a stronger more opinion of this issue, the manufacturers of these firearms should be able to give maximum respect to the law that is used to government because sometimes they make this weapons for the government, and the people in particular. However the fingerprints are not supposed to be registered to some people who are not qualified to handle the weapon. This issue can bring us to the rich families may try to buy  this type of guns to their family members most likely their sons or wives whenever they may feel insecure.



Andrew,  F. (2002). A Discourse of Government with Relation to Militias: Gun Control and Rights. New York City. New York University Press.