You are a marketing assistant for a marketing agency located in Surry Hills Sydney.
You have been asked to conduct a market & industry analysis and understand the
target audience for [ Do not
select your own brand].
In this assessment, you will focus on identifying and explaining the macro and micro
environmental factors that could influence the business and the industry from a
marketing point-of-view.
You should also be able to identify new trends as part of the situational analysis, in
order to propose marketing solutions to potential issues that may affect the client.
Use any relevant analysis and framework learnt in this unit (e.g. SWOT, PESTLE,
Adoption Curve, BCG Matrix, and others.) that you find suitable to include in your
market & industry analysis.
All relevant information, analysis & frameworks will be represented using an
infographic which is a visual way of communicating rich information. Data and findings
must include appropriate referencing.