food stamps benefits

Develop and administer questionnaires too a minimum of 50 respondents. once the surveys are gathered, analyze data using descriptive statistic (frequency, mean, median) and inferential statistic (ANOVA, chi-square, regression, correlation). The analysis with tables will make up the findings section of the paper. You must have a minimal of five in the finding section of your paper and at least one of the five tables should present data utilizing chi-square, ANOVA, correlation, or regression. Using the data collected and information found in your literature review, complete a 5-7 word-processed research report. “Here are the question for the questionnaires.(1)Are you for are against food stamps. (2) What’s the minimal age for receiving food stamps.(3) What demographic receive food stamps the most. (4) if you lost your job would you apply for food stamps. (5) Do you think people that receive food stamps are looked down on. Paper format. Introduction state thesis statement or research question. Literature Review summary and synthesis of the sources presented in an organized fashion. Method state how research was conducted (literature review, survey), population and sample, independent and dependent variables, how variables are measured. Analysis present the findings (survey results) you may use, measures of central tendency, frequency tables, charts, graphs, chi-square, correlation, or regression. Conclusion Restate thesis statement. The importance of the research. How has the research contributed to your understanding of the problem or issue. Recommendation for future research.

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