Business Information Systems coursework specification 2014-15


This is an assignment to produce a professional report on a given topic related to the course content from Business Information Systems, working together in groups.  This will include researching the topic to deliver original content, including recent developments in the topic chosen.  This coursework is worth 30% of the total module mark.


List of topics





  1. Gathering and accessing relevant research materials (which are often web based and often include multimedia.
  2. Collaborative writing of documents (grant proposals, designs of experiments and research papers)
  3. Email and online conferencing
  4. Tracking the progress of a range of tasks associated with different projects being worked on by groups.


Compare and contrast available groupware products that could be used to perform these tasks and make a series of detailed recommendations about which system should be adopted and why.





Forming a group and topic choice

You should form yourselves into groups of 2-4 and register your group on the intranet.  . Choose one of the topics given below and allocate a member of your Group to e-mail [email protected] with the topic that you have chosen and the members of your Group.  This should be done by February 1st 2013 (end of week 4). The work will be submitted electronically as a Group on QMplus.


Report Criteria

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