give an overview of the issue and examine it from all sides.


  • 5 pages (not including works cited)
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Calibri Font
  • .5 inch margins
  • Cited in MLA style with a works cited page (this is your 6th page)
  • Saved as a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf
  • Submitted to Canvas by the above deadline

Grading criteria: You are expected to give an overview of the issue and examine it from all sides. A good paper will take a position and make an argument for specific political action or inaction and use credible sources to support that position. Grammar and spelling WILL be graded.

15 points: Logic of argument

15 points: Topical Analysis

 5 points: Grammar, spelling, structure

5 points: Works cited page with good sources (i.e. not Wikipedia or propaganda websites)

How much of a gain or loss does Terry recognize?

Problem 1: The taxpayer, a calendar year corporation, wants to change its company’s headquarters, which is currently a 10-story building. The company owns the property without a mortgage. The company decides….

Describe the environmental problem that makes this a political issue.

All papers must be 4 to 6 typed, double-spaced pages (excludes bibliography pages) long with standard one-inch margins. NO EXTRA WIDE SPACING between paragraphs! Qualities like spelling, punctuation, grammar and….

Discuss the (possible) consequences that have attended (could attend) the injustice identified on the victims and society.

What’s required is the following: 1.Look around with a critical eye to spot instances of structural and/or cultural violence(anywhere) . 2.Analyze the instance by: a. Outlining the problem you’ve identified….