1. Give professional examples of how organizations measure the value proposition. Feel free to use your own personal experiences. Use the IOM’s six standards (STEEP) in describing your examples. In your opinion, do you feel that any of the six standards are more important than others? (10 points)

2. Describe Sherhart’s PDSA Cycle. How is it applied to quality improvements inhealth care? How do you feel you could apply in your own professional life? (10 points)

3. In the Donabedian Model of Structure, Process and Outcome, describe which one of the three elements is most needed as the basis for medical quality? In regards to the element you described, what is one way in which you could measure it? (10 points)

4. Why do you think it is important to measure the quality of health care? Give one example, that you feel, is a good way to measure quality in health care. (10 points)

5. What do you feel is one of the most crucial elements of the lean process management and why? What value does your chosen element add to the quality of health care? (10 points)

6. Describe in detail one of the stages of team development and why you think it is the most important stage for productive change to occur. See Lighter for stages. (10 points)

7. If you were a top executive, how would you get your employees, at all levels, to “buy into” six sigma and lean process management to achieve greater efficiency in your organization? (10 points)

2000 WORDS