Important Notes:
– The writer must be expert and specialist in Global Engineering Strategy
– Before start the work, read the course work carefully and select the company which can be used to achieve the course work tasks exactly. Send me three companies names and to be in this format (Company name-City-Country) and I need to get approval in one company from lecturer before moving ahead. List the company on order their information and they can be excellent choices to write this coursework and their applicability to meet the task objectives and structures. List of excluded companies are listed below and there constraints about the company to select. Check the constraints below.
– All parts of each task must be written professionally as each task is worth some percentage. The mark percentage is indicated clearly next to each task. All the elements in each part must be answered properly. One part is worth 53%, so its elements must be answered totally and clearly to get the full mark.
– The final deliverable must meet the all coursework requirements and objectives so no comments are on final submission. However, The product can be sent back to you to revise if there is any comments even after 2 months of the submission
– No plagiarism is allowed and accepted. The writing must be from the scratch
– You must read the lectures notes attached and use the theories and the case studies to help answer the course work parts. Using the theories, models , materials of the lectures notes are extremely important
– You must delivered a draft submission before final submission

Coursework Description
This assignment requires research. Based on a company of your choice (as per accompanying instructions) you are required to design a manufacturing strategy for it and apply theories.

Required layout- Manufacturing Strategy Document (an executive summary), followed by the body of the assignment text based on the Terry Hill Model.

1) Manufacturing Strategy Document – To be a 1 – 2 page statement of the final manufacturing strategy proposed for the SBU I division (summarized from The Assignment Text below), and to include decisions, as appropriate, relating to the following issues (a list which can be extended):
a) Process choice
i) Choice of process
ii) Role of inventory
iii) Make or buy
iv) Capacity (size, timing, location)
b) Infrastructure
i) Function support
ii) Manufacturing planning and control systems
iii) Quality assurance and control
iv) Manufacturing systems engineering
v) Clerical procedures
vi) Salary I wage agreements
vii) Work structuring
viii)Organisation structure

2) The assignment text- This is the body of the report, and should include:
a) Development I completion of SBU I Division objectives and strategies which support corporate level objectives and strategies. This will require the application of appropriate theory, including strategic concepts. (It is expected that this will represent approximately 15-25% of the assignment text) 20%
b) Based on the above, design of the manufacturing strategy, to include: 53%
i) Discussion of options for each element
ii) Evidence of application of appropriate theory
iii) Reasons as to why particular options have been selected to the exclusion of others
c) Compare your proposed manufacturing strategy with the deduced existing strategy 7%
d) Address implementation I communication issues 7%
e) Refer to relevant strategy evaluation measures 7%
f) Recognition of, and methods of ensuring that, the strategy remains current within a changing environment 6%

1. It is important to demonstrate the application of theory, the development of options, and justified selections
2. You are required to develop/complete the SBU I division objectives and strategies(strategic and financial objectives), and then
to design (not report on) its manufacturing strategy. You will get no marks for just restating the actual or presumed current strategy.
3. The number of words for each part of above structure must be based on the worth mark grade. For example, designing the manufacturing worth is 53%, and then around 2120 words of 4000 total words must be for this part and so on.


A Manufacturing Company (or an SBU within a holding company) of Your Choice

1) Constraints:
a) Currently trading
b) UK , German, USA, or Japanese manufacturing site (location of Head Office/ownership not important)
c) Site employees no more than 1000 (total Group employees may be more than this)
d) Not in the automotive sector
e) Not high volume production (i.e., not “line” or “continuous” production) such as , oil company, car company, etc…
f) Not a publically available case study or previous assignment company, or one referred to or used during the module. (You will get zero marks if you use such a company)

Excluding the following companies:
*** You are to reserve a company by research. Please ensure the company is not already reserved and listed below on restricted companies list. If you do not do this, or ignore his response, you will get zero marks. (You take responsibility for the appropriateness of the choice. So before start the work, read the course work carefully and select the company which can be used to achieve the course work tasks exactly. Send me three companies names and to be in this format (Company name-City-Country) and I need to get approval in one company from lecturer before moving ahead. List the company on order their information and they can be excellent choices to write this coursework and their applicability to meet the task objectives and structures)***
The following companies cannot be used:

Abc Packing
Adam Carpets Limited (Uk)
Adnams Pic
Airspring Furniture Limited
Airsprung Group Plc
Ajax Machine Tools
Alder Manufacturing Ltd
Alpha Heating Innovation
Alumasc Precision Ltd
Amazone (Agricultural Company)
Anderson-Sheppard Suit Company
Apc Technology Group
Aphrodite Kitchens
Apollo Lighting Ltd
Avk Uk Ltd
Avon Rubber Plc
Azimut Yachts-Benetti Shipping
Bac Corrosion Control Ltd
Bae Electronic Systems
Bae Systems (Typhoon (Combat Aircraft))
Balmoral Tanks Ltd.
Bas Casting Ltd
Base Structures
Bespoke Concrete Products
Beyerdynamic Company
Bisley Office Equipment Ltd
Blue Diamond Uk Ltd
Bocm Pauls
Bodmin Joinery Ltd
Bowers & Wilkins, Miller Harris
Bpi-Films (British Polythene Industries/ Films)
Bradken Uk Ltd
Brillopak Limited
Bristol Storage Equipment
Broadland Windows
Brook Guitars
Brookd Forgings Ltd
Byworth Boilers
Cambridge Satchel Company Ltd
Camden Group Limited
Cammell Laird
Cannock Gates Ltd
Caparo Group
Ceccontti Collezioni
Celsa Manufacuring Uk Ltd
Charbonnel Et Walker Ltd
Cnc Mack
Coda Plastic
Connection Seating Ltd
Corndell Furniture Co Ltd
Cove Industrial Enterprises Limited
Craven Dunnill Jackfield
Cube Precision Engineering
Daval Furniture Ltd
Delta-T Devices Ltd Uk
Derby Cycles
Design & Creation
Designer Ceramics
Dg Flugzeugbau
Dirty Dicks Kitchen
Dm Midlands Limited
Domino Printing Sciences
Dulas Ltd Uk
East Kent Cartons Ltd
Edbro (Manufacture Hydraulic Tipping Hoist)
Ege Carpets Ltd
Ei Whirlpools And Spas Ltd
Empteezy Ltd
English Sofa
Ercol Furniture Ltd
Express Transformers & Control Ltd
Fairline Boat Limited
Fci Connectors
Finmeccanica Uk Ltd
Fluidlink Hydraulics Ltd
Forest Contract Ltd
Fortress Interlocks Limited.
Frontier Pitts Ltd
Furniture Village Limited.
G.G.I Office Furniture Limited
Gardner Aerospace Wales
G-Ettinger Ltd
Graphics Plc
Gresham Office Furniture Limited
Grob Aircraft Ag
Gunn And Moore (Cricket Bats)
H.I.Quality Steel Casting Ltd
Hammonds Furniture Limited
Handmade In Britain
Hans Leffer Gmbh
Harland And Wolff
Hi Quality Steel Castings Ltd
Hilti Kunststofftechnik
Holmer Maschinenbau
Holzma Plattenaufteiltechnik Gmbh
Hugo Boss
Hypnos Limited
Inspirepac Ltd
Inverter Fusion Ltd
J H Fenner & Co Ltd
Jacuzzi Spa And Bath Ltd
Jaffabox Ltd
Jane Norman
Jardin Corrugated Cases Limited
Javelin Plastics, Chess Plastics, Duo Plastics Ltd
John Crane Uk Ltd
Johnson Tiles
Kewell Converters Ltd
King Of Cotton
Knightsbridge Furniture Products Ltd
Köckerling (Agricultural Company)
Kuhn (Agricultural Company)
Kverneland Group (Agricultural Company)
Lamy (Writing Instruments)
Land Rover
Leica Camera Ag
Lemken (Agricultural Company)
Liebherr Sunderland Works Ltd
Litron Lasers
Loake Shoemaker
London Undercover Ltd
Macfarlane Group Uk
Mall Environmental Systems
Marlborough Tiles
Marstons Brewery
Martin Baker Aircraft Company Ltd
Mast Carbon
Maynard And Harris (Newco) Limited
Meggit Uk Ltd
Melcal Marine
Mereway Kitchen Ltd
Midland Aerospace
Morgan Contract Furniture
Morganite Crucible Ltd
Multiyork Furniture Ltd
Naylor Industries ( Manufacture Building And Construction Products)
Nelsons For Cartons And Packaging
Ness Furniture Ltd
Nest Europe
Next Plc
Nobia Kitchen Furniture
Norcros Adhesives
Norton Motorcycles
Oceaneering International Incorporated
Ogle Models & Prototypes Ltd
Orion Steel Valves
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing (Uk) Ltd
Parker Knoll
Parker Knoll
Pelicans Manufacturing Co Ltd
Pfeil Gmbh From Eisingen
Phillips Avent
Piaggio Aeronautica
Pv Crystalox Solar Plc
Q-Cells Solar
Rapiscan Systems
Relyon Limited
Renishaw Storehouse
Renold Plc
Rixonway Kitchens Limited Company
Rolls-Royce (Gas Turbine)
Rotork Controls Ltd
Roundband Ltd -Doncaster
Russkell Furniture
Rutland Plastics
Schloetter Co. Ltd
Selwood Pumps
Senior Uk Ltd
Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik Gmbh
Sharp Manufacturing
Shimpack Engineering Uk Ltd
Shimtech Industries Ltd
Siemens Wind Power (Sbu),Wind Turbine
Simplefit Ltd
Simpson Strong Tie
Sirdar Spinning Ltd
Sleepeezee Ltd
Sms Electronics
Sophia Watch Co Ltd
Specialized Bicycle Ltd
Spirax-Sarco Ltd
Stahl- Und Apparatebau Hans Leffer Gmbh & Co. Kg
Stanton Bonna (Manufacture Pre-Cast Concrete Pipes)
Steinway & Sons
Sterling Furniture Group Limited
Surrey Satelites Technologies Ltd
Swizzels Matlow
Taylor’s Foundry
Teal Furniture Ltd
Teignbridge Propellers
Tharsus Engineering Ltd
The Royal Oak Furniture Company
Thermal Engineering( Manufacture Aerospace Components)
Thompson Friction Welding Ltd
Tile By Design
Trend Marine
Triumph Furniture
Trumpf Group
Tullis Russell Group
Uk Led Ltd
Ultra Electronics Ltd
Ultra Electronicss
Unlimited Fashion
Verco Office Furniture Limited
Vinci Construction Uk
William Jackson Bakery Ltd
Wilson Power Solutions
Winchester Tile Co Ltd
Worldmark International Ltd
Wren Living Limited
Yorkshire Fittings Ltd

Dr Martens AirWair International – Northampton – UK,
Finkeldei Polstermöbel GmbH – Nieheim – Germany

2) Some data sources (for company, market, customer, competitor, and product analysis- understanding of ALL of these is important):

Company Report and Accounts
Business Source Complete
Etc …

3) Assignment length: To be 4,000 words exactly, excluding references,. In text references are required, and to be in CUHarvard style with minimum 30 references books and academic journal

4) Submission:
Submit a draft before final submission. Also the submission must contain a title page, contents page and all text which you have included, from identified sources should be referenced. The deliverable product must meet the following criteria
Knowledge and Understanding: You consistently demonstrate an ability to absorb, reflect upon and deploy a wide range of subject-related knowledge and concepts, with few if any lapses in accuracy and understanding. You are able to apply excellent critical judgment to new information and ideas, comparing different data and perspectives in order to develop, substantiate and defend your own position.
Problem Solving: You regularly demonstrate the confidence to go beyond the limits of the task, identifying additional issues and suggesting ways of addressing any problems.
Research and Reading: You clearly recognise the importance of wide and independent reading, and are developing effective research skills, which take you well beyond the obvious or suggested sources of information. This is reflected in work, which demonstrates an impressive grasp of relevant knowledge and an original approach to the topics and problems involved. Often this is reflected in work that goes well beyond the scope of the task.

5) Conduct Statement:
Task work to be original and no plagiarism is allowed and accepted. Plagiarism report to be submitted.

6) Reading list:
The following reading list is useful
1) Course notes
2) Hill H and Hill T, (2009) Manufacturing Operations Strategy, Palgrave Macmillan 3rd ed.
3) Cooper R J (2001), Winning at New Products, Perseus Books, 3rd ed)
4) Exploring Corporate Strategy Text and Cases by Johnson G; Scholes K, Whittington RPrentice Hall, 8th ed, 2008
5) Operations Management by Slack et al, Pitman Publishing, 3rd ed., 2001
6) Strategic Management by John L. Thompson, Chapman and Hall, 12th ed., 2001
7) Strategic Management by Bowman and Asch, MacMillan, 1987
8) Operations Strategy by Slack N, Lewis M, Prentice Hall, 2002
9) Competitive Manufacturing Management by Nicholas, McGraw-Hill, 1998
10) New Wave Manufacturing Strategies by Storey J, Paul Chapman, 1994
11) Lean Thinking by Womack JP; Jones DT, Simon & Schuster, Rawson Associates, 1996
12) Principles and Practice of Marketing by D. Jobber, McGraw Hill, 2006 5th ed
13) Organisational Behaviour by Huczynski and Buchanan, Prentice Hall, 4th ed., 2001
14) Operations Management Strategic Context and Managerial Analysis by Hill T, Palgrave, 2000
15) Japanese Manufacturing Techniques by R Schonberger, The Free Press, 1982
16) Restoring Our Competitive Edge by Hayes and Wheelwright, John Wiley, 1984
17) Manufacturing Systems by V. Bignell et al, 1985

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