Has Globalization undermined the US’ role as the driver of the IPE?

  • 6000 words research paper, include footnotes, bibliography is not counted.
  • Don’t exceed the wordcounts limit 6000 words.
  • Academic words.
  • Chicago style.
  • A4 paper.
  • font is 11 Arial main essay and bibliography.
  • Footnotes is 8 Arial.
  • 5 line spacing.
  • You have to answer the question in the introduction, and give clear roadmap and the structure that you are going to present. Furthermore, mention the subtitle that leads the reader the conclusion. in another word, reader should know what he is going read from the first look at the introduction.
  • Conclusion is a sum of all essay ideas and finding, and emphasize the answer of the question.
  • Subheading are required for essay coherent and to lead the reader to the conclusion, but not too much.
  • Clear organization.
  • Logical conclusion.
  • 30-35 sources needed to support the essay in bibliography.
  • Use British words and writing. (No American words).
  • Similarities not to be more than 8% in TURNITIN.
  • Use theories in files attached, to give the marker an impression that you understood the subjects.
  • All sources need to be collected and placed in separated folder and send to me.

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