historical impact of industrialism

thesis: Through the examination of gilded age literature, it is possible to see the broader historical impact of industrialism, big business and socioeconomic differences that existed between the privileged and the poor.

Focus of paper is to highlight how the gilded age was not the same for rich and poor. how rich lives and poor lives differed between the end of reconstrucion and the year 1900 in america. My argument is that reviewing some writers from the era can provide a window into the common complaints felt by common people who did not live the life of privilage during this time.

***cite at least once every paragraph, to acknowledge an author’s ideas. This is done even if there are no quotes, see Chicago guides for more information. If more than one author’s ideas are used in a paragraph, then more than one citation needs to be used.

• Any quote needs a citation at the end of it.

• Use both footnotes and a bibliography.

• Papers need an intro (with a thesis statement) and a conclusion.

Quotes from gilded age authors MANDATORY and primary source quotes can come from Mark twain’s Gilded Age or the other two authors in the first source I list below. The
6 pages MUST be full pages.

Bendjeddou, Mohamed Yazid. “Two literary responses to American society in the early modern era: a comparison of selected novels by Theodore Dreiser and Upton Sinclair in relation to their portrayal of the immigrant, the city, the business tycoon, women, and the problem of labour, 1900-1929.” PhD diss., University of Warwick, 1985.

Mark Twain, The Gilded Age


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