We are often asked what happened to Leslie. Leslie is not a real person but is based (with her permission) on one of our real clients, although we changed many details to protect her identity. Thus, we cannot say what she ended up doing. We can speculate, however, on the types of decisions she may have made and encourage you to think what she might have decided:

1. Did Leslie change to a different career?

2. Did Leslie seek an additional degree?

3. If Leslie changed careers, what areas might she have considered?

4. Did Leslie decide to continue her work as a high school math teacher?

5. If she decided to continue as a math teacher, how did she resolve her dissatisfaction with her work environment?

6. If she did have children, did she decide to stay home, as her husband expected, or go back to work?

7. How did Leslie decide to balance her various life roles as a worker, daughter, sister, wife, mother, leisurite, citizen?