How did the Renaissance influence European voyages of Discovery?

Short essay question:
• How did Chinese bureaucracy differ from European manorial and feudal systems of organization?
• Why does the Koran consider Jews and Christian’s fellow “people of the book”? Explain the relationship between the three faiths.
• What role did the Arabic language play in the spread of Islam?
• Identify and describe the five pillars of Islam.
• How Mesoamerican did peoples overcome environmental limitations?
• Identify the three orders and three isms and explain their relationship to each other.
• What factors contributed to the rise of towns in medieval Europe and how did towns complicate the three-orders/isms arrangement?
• Describe the rational for the Crusades, and how it changed as time went on.
• How did the Renaissance influence/contribute to European voyages of Discovery?

Long essay:
• Create your ideal society (discuss political, religious, attitude towards other cultures, geographic features/regions) based upon the societies we’ve considered throughout the course. Use specific examples and include elements from at least one culture from each of the 3 lists below list :

List 1
Fertile Crescent cultures
China (Confucianism, Daoism)
Polis Greece
Athenian Empire

List 2:
Hellenistic Kingdoms
Roman Republic
Christian Rome
Han China
Germanic Kingdoms

List 3:
Renaissance Europe
Islamic States
China (Song, Yuan)
American indigenous
Delphi Sultanate


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