1. How do consumer characteristics influence buying behavior? 2. What major psychological processes influence consumer responses to the marketing program? 3. How do consumers make purchasing decisions? 4. In what ways do consumers stray from a deliberate rational decision process? 5. How do business buyers make their decisions? 6. How can companies build strong relationships with business customers? 7. How do institutional buyers and government agencies do their buying? 8. What is the business market, and how does it differ from the consumer market? 9. What buying situations do organizational buyers face? 10.Who participates in the business-to-business buying process? 11.What is a brand and how does branding work? 12.What is brand equity? 13. How is brand equity built, measured, and managed? 14. What are the important decisions in developing a branding strategy? 15.What is customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty, and how can companies deliver them? 16.What is the lifetime value of customers and how can marketers maximize it? 17. How can companies attract and retain customers and cultivate strong customer relationships? 18.What are the pros and cons of database marketing? 19.What are the components of a modern marketing information system? 20.What are some influential macroenvironment developments?