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DESCRIPTION You are the lead scientist on a pharmaceutical research & development (R&D) team that has developed a new drug to treat disease. As the principal investigator you will write a short paper on the design and efficacy (effectiveness) of the new pharmacological product. Although the drug is imaginary, it must be targeted against a known disease. You can select a pathological condition that affects the physiology of at least one of the following systems:

• Nervous/Neuromuscular/Muscle

• Endocrine

• Cardiovascular

• Respiratory

• Gastrointestinal

• Urinary

The paper must contain the following components:

1. Name of the drug. You can be creative with the invented name but it should relate to the function of the product, e.g., Inhibitol (if the drug has an inhibitory effect on its target)

2. Paper Title. Again, originality is encouraged but the title must contain the product name and the disease condition it treats.

3. Pathophysiology. This is the research component of the paper. The cause(s) (etiology), symptoms and effects of the disease should be adequately described. The pathophysiology of your selected illness must include a description of the disease mechanism on a molecular level (participant biomolecules such as enzymes, receptors, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.). This part of the paper should be well referenced primarily using scientific/medical literature. Avoid citing websites such as WebMD, although government agency websites such as the NIH, CDC, WHO, etc. are permitted.

4. Drug Design & Efficacy. How does your invented drug work to effectively treat the disease condition? Your description should be consistent with molecular mechanisms of the disease and should involve ligand-based binding to principal targets implicated in the process.

5. Side Effects. Based on the biomolecule(s) targeted by the designed drug, you should be able predict possible side effects, e.g., Inhibitol inhibits the activity of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase at neuromuscular junctions. This increases the amount and duration of ACh in the NMJ, which helps to improve muscle signaling in myasthenia gravis but may cause spastic paralysis due to neurotransmitter overabundance. Side effects should relate to the specific activity of your drug.

Your paper should be 3 – 4 pages in length (min: 3, max: 4) typed, 1.5-spaced 12-pt font. A bibliography is REQUIRED and is not included in your page count. Do not add cover pages, photos, charts or diagrams to your paper. This is an assessment of your original writing

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