How has sexuality Education impact women of childbearing age in Africa

i need a public health personnel to do this work, some one who is familiar with PICO frame work and Evidence Based Practice. This assignment comes in two parts but I’m doing only the first part now. It comes with templates to fill, specific databases to search as well. I’m hoping you would contact me as soon as possible as the deadline is near.

Dear All

 You will find the forms that you will need for the formative assignment attached below. You MUST use the ‘Search Strategy Document’ provided to present your research question PICO framework etc. So this document MUST be completed in full and submitted as part of this assignment. If it is not, your work will not be marked. You MUST also submit your search tables (this does not mean printouts of all of your Pubmed searches, but a summary table that you have created yourself). An example of a search table is also given – one completed and one blank. It is up to you how you structure these tables, as you may have more than one, but your search strategy must be completely transparent. You will get some written feedback, so that you can improve your search strategy, if you wish, for the final submission. This piece of work will eventually form part of your final summative assessment. Where this piece of work accounts for 30% of your mark, so it is worth getting it right!

You should submit your completed ‘Search Strategy Document’ and Search tables as separate documents. Please make sure that you label all documents with your name included in the file name…for example (SearchStrategyDocumentMaureen Brennan.doc). Also please make sure that your name is printed on the documents themselves, as there will be around 50 of them being submitted! You do not need to worry about a coversheet for this submission

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Explain the different interpretations offered by these two tests.

1. A semen analysis on a vasovasostomy patient has a normal sperm concentration; however, motility is decreased, and clumping is observed on the wet preparation. a. Explain the possible connection….

Describe the tubes into which the fluid would be routinely placed.

1. A 50-year-old man presents in the emergency department with severe pain and swelling in the right knee. Arthrocentesis is performed and 20 mL of milky synovial fluid is collected…..

Name an additional test that could provide more diagnostic information.

1. Microscopic screening of a stool from a patient exhibiting prolonged diarrhea shows increased fecal neutrophils and normal qualitative fecal fats and meat fibers. a. What type of diarrhea do….