How have party politics influenced the Executive Branch?

(1)  Do you feel it is beneficial that we have countless interest groups and that  they  have an enormous influence in our political system:

(2)  Do interest groups end up helping the powerful segments of society at the  expense of the collective good or not?

(3)  Would America be better or worse if interest groups were eliminated and  made  illegal?

(4)  Explain how interest groups can influence other institutions of civil society  (political parties & media) and government institutions  (president/Congress  & elections).

(5)  How do interest groups affect the political process? Which type of groups  tend to  be the most influential and why?

(6)  What role do PAC’s play in the campaign process?


(7)  Which areas of the country tend to be the most supportive of the Democratic  Party? The Republican Party. Why do you think these areas support one of the  respective parties?

(8)  Why is it so difficult for a Third Party Candidate to win the presidency?

(9)  How have party politics influence Congress?

(10) How have party politics influenced the Executive Branch?

(11) What are the four fundamental functions of political parties?

(12) How would you rank these in order of importance?

(13) If parties fade away, will American politics become less partisan?

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