How to achieve to worldwide peace

Omar AlZadjali
English 100
Elisabeth Geisse
6 March 2018
Topic: Barack Obama’s Nobel peace prize speech “A Just and Lasting Peace”
Purpose: Inform/explain
Specific Purpose : Barack Obama’s purpose of this speech was to accept the noble peace prize and state that he didn’t deserve it and also to make certain agendas for war.
President Barack Obama focused in his Noble peace prize speech on the idea of war. He defended the idea that some wars were meant to happen, and they helped to show the world the effectiveness of the United States in the war against terrorism. He then asks for worlds greater effort for peace.
Main Ideas:
I: The idea of war and history of war.
II: Solutions to war.
III: How to achieve to worldwide peace:
A. All nations should stand against countries who go against the rules of United Nations and develop alternative to violence.
B. Seeking for peace individually.
C. Economic security and opportunity.
IV: Asking for worlds greater effort for peace.
Supporting Evidence:
I: (Evolution of war) From tribes and civilizations to the concept of just war to World Wars and Nuclear era.
II: King and Gandhi’s Non- violence couldn’t stop Hitler or Al Qaeda.
Rhetorical strategies:
Ethos: when he tried to gain credibility, and show that he’s humble.
“Compared to some of the giants of history who have received this prize- Schweitzer and King… my accomplishments are slight.”
Logos: He stated facts and Numbers.
“The other is a conflict that America did not seek; one in which we are joined by 43 other countries – including Norway – in an effort to defend ourselves and all nations from further attacks.”
· “The world railed Around America after the 9/11 attacks “
· “the world recognized the need to confront Saddam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait”

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