Download Microsoft Threat modeling .
Then write to explain why do we need the Microsoft Threat modeling, how to use it
Give a complete example (2 application as distributed below)  ; your end results are the list and description  of risk found . Your report must conations the following items:
Why Do Threat Modeling?
When To Do Threat Modeling?
How To Do Threat Modeling?
How To Do Threat Modeling
Threat Modeling Scope?
Your report should be 20 Page (single space Font 12 Times New Roman)
Application1:Threat modeling for web service
Application2: Threat modeling Domain Name System-Based Electronic Mail Security SP 1800-6
Note: need to download   ThreatModelingTool2016.msi
For downloading pls go to this link:
2.How To Use Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool 2016
For using microsoft tool