Patricia Vela

OL-655-X3099 Talent Devel & Workforce Plan

Instructor: Dr. Lane









Workforce planning is a process of forecasting, analyzing and even planning a company’s workforce supply and assessing gaps, demand and also determining the talent target management interventions to make sure that the company does have in it the right people which have the required knowledge and experience at the right time and place for them to fulfil the visions and goals that the company does have (O’Brien-Pallas et al., 2017). This paper, therefore, will look at this in reference with the apple company to discuss its workforce, the paper will also look at the process that the human resource manager must take for the company which in this case is the apple to achieve its desired goals and results.

Apple Company is a multinational company which is based in America that involves in developing, designing, and distribution of computer software, electronics and online services. Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs were the founders of the company (Finkle & Mallin, 2010).

The company has been publicly in recent years announced as a public company which is also a profit company, being a public company mad the same to be the first publicly-traded company with a worth of $2 trillion (Adel et al,. 2021). Apple in recent years posted a profit of $22.2 billion and that is more than any other company ever. The products which are offered by the company are many, some of these products do include, iPhone smartphones, mac personal computers, iPad tablets, Apple smartwatch, Air pods wireless earbuds, Air pods Max headphones, iOS, macOS, watchOS and many others.

The company was established in 1977, and therefore the company has generally been in existence for 44 years now, the company has been consistently successful because of the strategic goals and objectives that it has and does operate with (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). Some of these goals and objectives that the company has included; the company aims at expanding the national wide chain of the apple stores globally, this is their main goals since the apple store does account for a very huge amount of their company’s sales. The strategy behind this is to begin to place or to have their stores in all large markets and at the same time expand outwards basing this on the demand and population of the products. The objectives of the company are based on its mission which is that the company is committed to providing technologies and innovations which are the best in the whole world (Khan et al., 2017). The company is also determined to protect the environment in the urge to ensure that the company’s employees, global communities and customers are safe in whatever place that they are.

In looking at the company’s workforce plan, therefore, the role of the Human Resource in the process of making sure that the desired goals and objectives are achieved by the company, they do play an important part in managing of the company’s expenses and at the same time keep it sustainable in the process of rolling out employee assistance, compensation packages, benefits and perks to the employees (Adel et al,. 2021). The human resource also plays a very critical role in the process of assessing the risks that are there in the company’s, which in this case is Apple, project goals.

The process that the human resource will follow in this process will therefore be; analyzing the company’s talent supply, which is the same should consider conducting both an external and internal assessment of the talent that they have. This step in this process is important because, it helps in recruiting the best employees in reference to the existing market and the technology out there, and this also helps in the retention of the best workers and are likely to be assets to the company (O’Brien-Pallas et al., 2017). HR should also consider the future needs of the company, that is doing a review of the future business objectives and plans, this can only be done through carrying out extensive research, by knowing and reviewing the objectives and the plans of the company, the human resource will be able to come up with a roadmap to achieving the desired goals. The same must identify the gaps which are there and find a solution to the same by coming up with ideas to mitigate them.


















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