A paragraph for each number 1 to 3
1. Identify and describe a role model public servant/leader. The person you choose does not have to be a well-known public servant. They can be a person in a local community agency. Must be a person in the U.S. preferably.
2. Why did you select this person?
3. Describe what you believe are their top four characteristics that make them a successful public servant.
THEN- Using a public organization of your choice:
4. Provide their Vision Statement and Mission Statement.
5. Examine environmental factors, internal and external, that affect this organization. Identify and describe six of these factors. (total 6 not six of each) An example is provided below for number 4 and 5. My organization is the ASPCA
The ASPCAs mission, as stated by founder Henry Bergh in 1866, is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Internal factors and external factors:
Climate change as a result of natural disasters there can be an increase in the need for more shelters.
Economic in an economic recession the organization may experience a decrease in donations.
Legal change in the tax laws for charitable donations can have an impact on contributions.
Human Resources Assessing the impact natural disasters have on the organization, it may be determined there is a need to develop and provide disaster preparedness training for our staff.
2-3 sources. 1 source should be the organization’s website of your choice since you need to provide the mission and vision statement
the other 2 sources can be about the public servant you chose. Max 3 sources minimum of 2