Due Date:16-Jan-2021
Return Date:09-Feb-2021
Word count: 500
In this assessment task, you will analyses the Lakeland Wonders case. In particular, you will analyses the nature of an organizational change project, taking into account the reasons for this change, and provide alternative solutions. You will also utilize frameworks to analyses the need for change and organizational culture that has an impact on change.
This assessment is based on Topics 1of the subject. The Lakeland Wonders case study is also available in the Assessment Resources folder.
A‘question-answer’format to be followed for this assignment. Detail included in the Presentation criterion below.
What are the reasons for the organizational change project for Lakeland Wonders? What change approach has been adopted by Cheryl Hailstrom in the organizational contexts in Lakeland Wonders? (Relates to Topic 1)
Use at least3recent academic and professional resources to support your argument. You must use the material covered in the subject as a starting point. We expect to see you engaging with this material effectively.
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This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: