At the end of assessment 2(Part A) students should have decided on the base scenario. In this assessment, students should continue the project development and optimise their case report by conducting a sensitive analysis, Identification stakeholders and their needs, understanding due diligence process. It is important that sustainability be considered during project development and optimisation process. For sensitivity analyses, parameters should be selected, and scenarios of sensitivity analyses should be defined accordingly. For each scenario, the economic analysis should be carried out, and results should be compared and explained. The student should also identify stakeholders, gather the information needed for stakeholders and supporters of the project by considering due diligence process. As a project manager, your recommendations on the project is critical. In your report assessing of the project, the report should address brief on the importance of sustainability and how the stakeholders of this project to be engaged. Guidelines for writing project report: 1) Identification and Justifications of parameters used in the sensitivity analysis 2) Conduct a sensitivity analysis with respect to interest rate and economic analysis. 3) Identify Stakeholders 4) Consider due diligence process and provide stakeholders engagement plan 5) Consider project management and optimisation with focus on sustainability 6) Final conclusion, recommendations