Hands On Lab: Axial Skeletal System

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The skeletal system is the support structure for the body. There are 206 bones, divided into the axial and appendicular skeletons.
This lab will teach you all the bones in the body and the major bone markings. Bone markings are holes, ridges, projections, etc. that serve as attachments for muscles, and provide routes for blood vessels and nerves.

Activity 1: Virtual Axial Skeleton Lab

The virtual skeleton laboratory will teach the bones of the axial skeletal division and the major bone markings.
Virtual Axial Skeleton Lab (opens new window)
Click on the lab and go through all of the sections. Although you will be learning all of the bones, we have limited the bone markings to the major ones.
Please see the Module 2 Lab Study Objectives for all of the axial skeleton markings you are responsible for. You are not required to learn any markings in the virtual lab that are not on this list.
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Activity 2: Identifying Major Bones

Identify the Major Bones. Each letter will only be used once.
2. Fibula
3. Humerus
4. Ribs
5. Ulna
6. Coccyx
7. Sternum
8. Scapula
9. Radius
10. Vertebral Column
11. Tibia
12. Mandible
13. Sacrum
14. Pelvis
15. Skull
16. Patella
17. Femur
18. Clavicle

Activity 3: Identifying Skull Bones, Sutures, and Markings

Identify the bones and structures. Each letter will only be used once.
19. Coronal suture
20. Parietal Bone
21. Occipital Bone
22. Sphenoid Bone
23. Styloid process
24. Lacrimal bone
25. Mastoid process
26. Squamosal suture
27. Ethmoid
28. Maxilla
29. Alveolar Processes
30. Temporal Bone
31. Frontal Bone
32. External acoustic meatus
33. Zygomatic bone
34. Nasal bone
35. Vomer
36. Lambdoidal suture

Activity 4: General Vertebral Structure

Match the parts of the general vertebrae. Each letter will only be used once.
38. Vertebral Body
39. Spinous process
40. Transverse process
41. Vertebral foramen
42. Pedicle
43. Lamina
44. Articular Facet


Activity 5: Vertebral Column Matching

Match the parts of the vertebral column with their name and/or number. Some letters will be used more than once!
45. 12
46. Lumbar
47. 7
48. Coccyx
49. Axis
50. 5
51. Atlas
52. Cervical
53. Thoracic
54. Sacrum