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Essay Questions Exam

1.Describe the Sliding Filament Theory of Muscle Contraction. Start your description from events occurring at the neuromuscular junction.  Be as complete as possible in your sketches and descriptions.

2.Compare and contrast the basic muscle fiber types (Type I and Type II). Give insight as to how they differ in structure and function. Discuss the types of athletes that may be more replete with one type as opposed to the other. In your answer also define and discuss the concepts recruitment and the motor unit. If you fail to do so you will not receive full credit.

3.Identify how ATP is produced/stored in the mitochondria and sarcoplasm of skeletal muscle. Be sure to describe this process in three scenarios: resting muscle, moderate activity, and during peak activity.

4.Identify the origin, insertion and action of any six skeletal muscles. These six muscles cannot be from the same muscle region and must be from various parts of the body. Your answer must include a sketch of the muscle and its bony attachments.

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