Illustrate the carboxylation phase of the Calvin cycle. Where does it occur?

1.llustrate first step of beta oxidation of fatty acids? (2 marks)
2. What is the fate of pyruvate under aerobic conditions? Where does it occur? (2 marks)
3. Outline the steps during glucose synthesis from glycerol-3- phosphate in animals. (3 marks)
4. What is the relationship between temperature and metabolic rate in ectotherms? (2 marks)
5. Briefly describe the main function of photosystems. What is the overall input and output of light dependent reactions? (3.5 marks)
6. Illustrate the carboxylation phase of the Calvin cycle. Where does it occur? (2.5 marks)
7. Illustrate the reaction catalyzed by aldolase during glycolysis? (2 marks)
8. Describe the biosynthesis of starch from Glucose-1-P. (3 marks)
9. Name the two phases of pentose phosphate pathway. What is its importance? (3 marks)


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