Illustrate a typical biramous appendage using a fully labelled diagram and name two functional modifications of this appendage in the abdominal region of the freshwater crayfish.

1. Explain the distinguishing features of the four branches of the reptilian evolutionary

2. Briefly discuss the distinguishing characteristics of the mammals.

3. Describe the occurrence and function of the swim bladder in fish.

4. Outline the taxonomic diversity of amphibian orders.

5. State three species of marine turtles found in the Indian ocean and the threats they

6. Trace the classification of man starting from the highest taxonomic unit.

7. Briefly describe the morphology of the urochordates and cephalochordates.

8. Illustrate the structure of the amniotic egg and explain how it enabled reptiles to
colonize land.

9. Explain how birds can provide ecological services and generate income to land owners.

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Evaluate how each option would impact the company and the opportunity to improve diversity and inclusion, and determine the best alternative.

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Discuss one (1) practical application of this theory to real-world situations.

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3. Discuss which viewers may be affected more than others and why (male v. female, child v. adult, etc).

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