Ken Stark is an operations analyst for an insurance company in Muncie,

Indiana. Over the next 6 weeks, the company needs to send 930,089 mailing pieces to customers in 7 states:State Mailing Pieces
AZ 82,380
CA 212,954
CT 63,796
GA 136,562
IL 296,479
MA 99,070
ME 38,848
Total 930,089
To coordinate with other marketing efforts, all the mailings for a given state must go out in the same week (i.e., if TAMUC decides to schedule mailings for AZ in week 2, then all of the 82,380 pieces of mail for AZ must be sent that week). TAMUC would like to balance the work load in each week as much as possible and, in particular, would like to minimize the maximum amount of mail to be processed in any given week during the 6-week period.
A. Implement the model in Excel and suggest an optimal solution?