The paper is due on end of day Sunday Feb 23,2020

Topic: Implementing Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector

Imagine you have been hired as a security consultant for EnergyA which is an electric utility company based in the USA. The company has several locations in the U.S and is responsible for supplying a large portion of electricity for the Southeastern region in the U.S.

You have been charged with overseeing the implementation of cybersecurity best practices for EnergyA. In this course, you examined 10 design and security principles (Deception, Separation, Diversity, Commanlity, Depth, Discretion, Collection, Correlation, Awareness, Response) in the context of national and critical infrastructure protection. Identify any two security principles and evaluate and discuss how it can be applied to EnergyA.

Your case analysis needs to minimally address the following

 The relevance of cybersecurity in the energy sector

 Existing research on cybersecurity practices in the energy sector

 Why you are focusing on the specific two security principles

 For each security principle, identify its relevance in the energy sector

 For each security principle, identify how the principle can be implemented

 For each security principle, identify challenges presented in implementing it

 Discussion that connects your entire analysis with the topic and future implications of cybersecurity in the energy sector

Your research paper should be minimally 10 pages (double space, Font – Georgia with font size 12). The research paper needs cite at least 5 peer reviewed journal/book references.

The bibliography should be included as a separate page and is not part of the 10 page requirement. Student assignments will be run through Safe Assignment. Please ensure to check the safe assignment result prior to submitting.

You will have the chance to submit your assignment up to two times. So please submit earlier than the due date so you can check your safe assign score. You need to check your safe assign report to ensure there is no instance of academic integrity violations.