Group Presentation/Teamwork

Project simulation

In the Business strategy project the students will assume the role of a corporate planner of an existing company or an external industry analyst/ management consultant The students will develop a full industry and company analysis and critics. In particular, the students will identify and discuss various business scenarios and strategic options. Market sizes, company sales and market shares should be forecasted for a period of 3 years.

Each Industry and business analysis and plan will be comprehensive in scope and include a/an:




Each group is required to present their work and attach handouts of their slides in the final report. The maximum amount of time allocated for each presentation is 10-15 minutes. Also note that there are a set proportion of marks for your presentation. It is viewed as part of your overall report. This means that your presentation is as important as your report. The presentation is only one of the components of the coursework.

Group members: 2 to 4 students per group

Projects will be presented at the end of the course. During presentation the attendance of all students is mandatory.

When students present a group project, the group members must:


Structure is as follows

1- Cover Page (Title, Key words)

2- Table of Contents

3- Abstract (Statement of research problem, problem identification)

4- Introduction (Why are going to study this organization? The context? Identify the problem? Which strategic tools are going to use? SWOT, 5 forces, Value chain, KFS, Strategic positioning)

5- Theoretical Framework and Topic Statement (Context and Objectives of the research)

6- Research design and Methodology

7- Results and Analysis (Forecasting, g factor, strategic tolls you mentioned in the introduction, results and recommendations)

8- Discussions/implications

9- Conclusion One page maximum in which you will summarize your findings

10- References


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