Academic research on consumer behaviour has been an important driving force behind business decisions in the real world. In this assessment task, you as a “consumer behaviour expert” will provide your systematic review of a research article on consumer behaviour, and deliver a presentation on two aspects of your review.


Please choose one article from the list of following research articles published in “Journal of Consumer Research”, the best consumer behaviour journal in the world.


  1. a) Your first task is to write a review for this research article. The review should follow the subsequent structure:


Please note that theoretical contribution is very important. So I attached 5 chapters summarized power point slides where you can see what theories you can apply to assignment. Do not apply unrelated theory that we did not study.


When reviewing the article, you are not required to explain the statistics reported by the authors. Instead, you should focus on the verbal descriptions of the theories, studies, findings, implications, etc.


This review should be written so that a general audience, like your best friend or your mom/dad, could understand what the research article was about. Try to make it as fun and readable as possible.