It’s Genetic–Or Is It?

Genes vs. Environment
For each of the following traits, put an X in the column labeled ‘Genes’ if it is an inherited trait or in the column labeled ‘Environment’ if it is a learned or environmentally influenced trait. Notes: Put comments if you need to explain your choice. If you are not familiar with a “trait” you should research it.

Trait Genes Environment Comments
1. Blue eyes      
2. Enjoys bungee jumping      
3. 6 feet tall      
4. Red hair      
5. Intelligence      
6. Smokes cigarettes      
7. Body size      
8. Depression      
9. Phobias      
10. Has cancer      
11. Alcoholism      
12. Political Opinions      
13. Schizophrenia      
14. Skin color      
15. Language you speak      
16. Artistic ability      
17. Athletic ability      
18. Aggressive behavior      
19. Down Syndrome      
20. Musical ability      

Question:  In your opinion are genes more important than the environment or is the environment more important than genes in determining an individual’s personality? (Write 4-6 sentences)