Increasing California funding to provide child cares assistance

This paper is based on Increasing California funding to provide child cares assistance. 

Your address the following points:
Gathering Signatures:
1. Discuss who the target population is and why.Who will benefit from the policy?
2.Discuss how you intend to reach out to the target population to gain support.

Where will you set up shop to gather signatures, how will you raise awareness among the electorate? Be specific about the details,time, place, location, who will be manning the tables? You should explain why these details will produce optimal results.
Seeking Support:
1 Discuss the organizations who might support the policy.Why would they support the policy, what policies have they advocated for in the past?
2. What political figures do you think will support the policy? Think about where you want the policy implemented and the political elites in that area.

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How much of a gain or loss does Terry recognize?

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