Course: International Business Pages : 1 Page APA Format Citations: Scholarly articles Students I will need to see your final paper kick off by This Monday The paper should be typed and contain the opening presentation of your country and what you are going to market or service there. Similar to a thesis paper as to why this selection …your product or service ….will you be a brick and mortar store or how you will set up there. This should be like an introduction and preview of what your final will be like. I will evaluate. I will have you present this paper as we progress just to track your progress and assist you with the writing of this paper and to evaluate your use of the text book terminology and you application and use of in reference to your paper. *** “Conduct a country analysis in which a student examines the potential for entry into a specific country market” *** Final Essay Requirments – 10 Pages Citations: Scholarly articles The following will be what will be the expectations for your final exam paper. You will select a country of your choice with the exception of Canada and Mexico. I want you to do a full country analysis on this country as a country that you intend on setting up your corporation in. I will need you to analyze their culture, religious customs, topography, government, raw materials if it applies. I will also need you to analyze their currency for you companies financial purposes and its stability. The reason for this analysis is to identify the profitability or lack of by selecting this country and doing business in it. This analysis must be thorough and concise using the studies and terminology from the chapters we are studying. I expect at least 10 pages double spaced Also determine through this analysis all the benefits of doing business in this country as you Globalize your corporation and any government regulations or instabilities that may need to addressed. If you still desire to do business in this country be prepared to explain your game plan and how you will overcome any negative situations. If you need any additional info please contact me asap via email.