International Hotel Operations, Development & Management Destination Assignment

HOSP 3085: International Hotel Operations, Development & Management Destination Assignment

For this assignment, students will complete an analysis of what it means to perform effectively as a global manager in the city/country that they will visit during week 10 of the class. Sections 1 and 2 will be completed before departure and section 3 and the conclusion will be due after completion of the trip.

Section 1: PESTEL Analysis of the Hotel and Lodging Industry in the Country Please complete a PESTEL analysis based on the forces influencing hotel and lodging industry performance and growth in the country to be visited. Your analysis should include at least 15 to 20 total factors. Please use the PESTEL form provided.

Section 2: Hotel and Lodging Industry Snapshot of the Region

a. Types of Properties: Outline the unique and/or overall general characteristics of the hotel and lodging industry in the country/region to be visited.

a. Please consider: i. The presence of independent, chain hotels and single owner inns.

ii. Unique forms of lodging, such as castle hotels in Ireland, residencias in Cuba, heritage properties in Portugal, etc.

b. Hotel Guest Description and Analysis: Describe the visitors to the region and

their reasons for travel. a. Please consider:

i. The primary motivators/generators for tourist and business travelers to the country/region.

ii. The nationalities and percentage breakdown of inbound foreign visitors.

iii. Amenities and services. What types of amenities/services can and should hotels provide in order to provide an excellent experience for domestic and international guests?

c. Employees Description and Analysis: Describe the employees found working in

the hotel industry in the region. a. Please consider:

i. Cultural background of the employees. Are the employees working in hotels likely to be locals or from a variety of cultures?

ii. View of hospitality industry work. Is this a region in which hotel industry jobs are competitive and sought after or difficult to fill?

iii. Management styles. What management styles are preferred in this country? Is this different or similar than what you have experienced or learned about in the US?

Section 3: Hotel Manager Responsibilities on Property Choose one property that was visited on the trip. Please describe the property briefly. Also discuss the roles and responsibilities of one of the managers you encountered when visiting there. What were the primary sources of job satisfaction and challenge for this individual? Do you see these as being the same or different from a manager with similar responsibilities working in the US?

Conclusion Based on the research you conducted before the trip, were your opinions of the hotel and lodging industry in the area visited confirmed or refuted? What did you expect prior to your visit? What was different from your expectations? Do you feel that there are certain skills and abilities you would need to develop in order to be a successful global hotel manager based on your experience?

Submission Requirements: The submission links for all sections can be found in the Destination Analysis Folder in ulearn. Section 1 is due on January 23 Section 2 is due on February 13 Section 3 and conclusion are due on February 27

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