Activity 1:  Investigate using a combination of the models.

Based on your reading and research during the Task, decide how to use the combination of models most effectively.

Discuss how this combination model can:

Reduce development costs as you move into a global market

Increase customer infatuation and satisfaction, and profit

Shorten development times and time-to-market

Maximize your design and development resources

Lower manufacturing, operating, and service costs

Decrease marketplace failures for your specific product and company.

Make a graphic that shows specific areas in the development of the product or processes your company will sell on the global market where you can reduce cost and time while providing a product that can be quickly and easily adapted to meet customer needs and desires.

Activity 2:  Kanban Boards

Use the examples of Kanban boards to begin to think about how you would lay out your plan thus far.  Try a few then decide on one that best meets your needs and integrate all the information you have pulled together this far.

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