Is the BLM movement is similar to the BPP

a)  At least five different community services provided by the Black Panther Party.

b)  The response given by Angela Davis to the question on violence asked while she was incarcerated.

c)  Remember, this documentary was produced as the BPP was active. Its point of view differs from that implicit in most American corporative media: the US main stream insisted in portraying the BPP as violent criminals and, when released, the documentary was strongly rejected by members of corporative media of the US.  Why is this documentary so different in its portrayal of the BPP? Make sure you read the credits, they are always important to learn why a point of view is prevalent in the film we are watching.

d)   And… if you think the BLM movement is similar to the BPP. Why?

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Craft a list of questions beforehand to help guide you.

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